Hello, ye merry hippogriffs (and assorted magical creatures)!

After what's been like forever, I at last updated Time of the Turning.

Drill, for those of you who might be as rusty as I am: Go read The State of Things, leave a scrumptious review, make my week!

Also, seeing as HPF hasn't really yielded the results we hoped for *kicks* I've uploaded the fic again at ff.net, which is where I'm linking to. I'll carry on posting at HPF though, but not exclusively anymore. You can only endure that dark green background for so long...

Anyhow, the rest of my fics will be up at ff.net shortly, seeing as I'm taking a few days off work to fix just that.

Big hugses and glompses to everyone in my friends list! I am horrible, and I eternally sowwy for not updating this LJ in ages.

~DND the terrible, who is still alive


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