I've finished reading Time of the Turning-- had to remind self where I left off and all that-- and couldn't help but notice the last update date was... 5-22-06. That's...May, right? Almost two years ago?

All I have to say to that is EEEP!

Didn't feel that long. I now feel properly ashamed. And ANCIENT.

And chapter 19 is over half written, whatever did get me to abandon it, I wonder? Aside from chronic writer's block. Hum.

Good news is, I'm writing on it. Now. If only to finish that fic at long last, because it's giving me nightmares. Creepy ones.

Wherein the Time characters were complaining about not having anything new to do and conspiring to do me in and then proceeding to chase a DND around some obscure haunted manor, the little rotten bastards. All I can say about that dream is that I thought the location would have been killer for a horror short, which I have, conversely, managed to write a first draft for before breakfast.

Wish that house were real. Glad the Time characters aren't, though.

Shall have my revenge either way.


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