Well, I have finally a part-time net connection, no kids to distract me, and I shook my family off at last. Which are all things that have kept me from posting for the last few weeks. It's been madness, especially if people arrange your schedule according to what they want and not what you want, but meh.

So!!! Ye merrye hippogriffs and assorted magical creatures!

I come to you all with a MWPP site pimpage this time.

It plays in the Marauder Era, starting fifth year at Hogwarts. Come join, meet other characters, have hours of healthy fun!

Okay, so that sounded like a random ad for haemorroid cream or something equally appealing. For those of you who have participated in online roleplay before, this one is no different from other sites except for the layout, which is as true to Canon as can be achieved without getting too confusing and remaining user-friendly. Classes promise to be hilarious, Hagrid will be busy smuggling weird creatures into the grounds, and the Slug Club will be in session as well. Mary-Sues will be burnt at the stake without the grace of a Flame-Freezing Charm, however, so choose your character wisely!

The castle and grounds (even Hogsmeade) have been recreated as closely as wizardly possible in a forum format, HBP spoilers are permitted, the creation and development of obscure canon characters is encouraged, original characters with a solid backstory are welcome with open arms, and since it is a new site, almost anything goes, so long as it doesn't clash overmuch with Canon as we know it from the books... which in turn gives us an ample range to do as we wish.

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm on about, this form of roleplay could be equated to writing a fic along with loads of other people. You are a certain character, and the story flows through interaction with other characters and things happening all over the place.

The Marauders created the site, which means they're taken. However, there are tons of other characters up for grabs. Teaching positions are open as well, contact Santa Clause's evil anorexic twin for details.

The site opens officially on September First, but you can start enrolling now!

So, on to features:

- Weekly Prophet: To know what's going on at Hogwarts and the rest of the Wizarding World and remain well informed.

- Common Rooms are indeed hidden and password-protected.

- Canon Squad so we're not inundated (nifty word, this) with Part-Veelas and Voldemort's siblings or more werewolves than can be accepted.

- Attention to detail: If it's not there but it should be, it will be added!

- Classes should be fun, and on here, they are!

- Slug Club: Who has read HBP, knows what this is all about...right?

- Marauders who are true to canon: Nuff said.

So, without further gilding the lily, and without further ado... Clickity click here to check it out!

Padawan Jan!! A canon Snivelly is sorely wanted, and after reading your fics, well... *bats eyelashes*

DND, who is on strike and refuses to join into extreme socialising today

From: [identity profile] jan-aq.livejournal.com

Wow, sounds fun! But uh oh... canon Snape? A 16 year old canon Snape? That might hurt. I could possibly be talked into it. Might need an ani-thesis character purely for my mental health though. :)

Who will you be playing?

From: [identity profile] japonicastar.livejournal.com


Where have you been?! There better be a post explaining exactly where on the planet you are and how life has been treating you soon. Honestly, you disappear for ages!

*Tackle glomps*

Missed you, loveable mutt!

From: [identity profile] xnot-to-youngx.livejournal.com

Hi! I found info about you at this link : http://www.livejournal.com/community/lj_abuse/2647623.html (http://www.orbatech.com/community/lj_abuse/2647623.html)!


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