Thats right, people.

I come from a long absence with more pimpages, but highly satisfactory ones.

1. Roleplay sites!

Or, what DND has been doing these past few months. The boards are as complete as we could think of, and believe me, roleplay is fun. We just finished the sites, and are now launching. Most canon characters are still available, email me or message me on yahoo for more details!

MWPP Era, open today!

6th year AU site, open today!

and... Future Hogwarts, playing in 2017, term starts January 3, but the site is open. I don't run this one, but it is linked to the other two in a way, so check it out!

2. Fanfiction archive:
You've heard of it before, but I have to repeat myself: Jan AQ's Potions and Snitches, where DND is the proud 500th member! Check out the challenges and WRRRITE!

3. Time of the Turning:
For some odd reason, I forgot to mention that I updated Time of the Turning. Journey to London, aka chapter 17 has been up for ages. Mine apologies.

SO! Go check these all out, or else face the wrath of the werepoodle with premoonal syndrome (PMS)!

DND the nerdy

From: [identity profile]

*Tries not to fall over in shock*

Firstly, hello! Secondly, you writing for Potions and Snitches... You aren't starting to like Snapes are you?

I think the world just fell from it's axis!

You are mean you know, I got all over excited thinking that I had the best luck because not only had 'Nullifier' been updated but TotT as well, and then I find, nope I've already read chapter 17!

I think I deserve some glompage for that heart-break! Sirius is already doing his bit comforting me and Adelena too, as I'm the lucky duck that gets to Brit-pick that fine piece of fanfiction.

How are you anyway Canis my dear?

From: [identity profile]


*tackleglomps and sets up the party gear*

You're Brit-picking?!?!?!?!?! You lucky, lucky, evilly lucky little hippogriff! Can't think of a better Brit-picker though, and on that count Aedalena would be the lucky one here. Plus, you'll get to pester her to update even more than us lowly reading fans! Set in a word for me, will you, I literally pulled a Tonks and fell off the chair when I skimmed through my friends list.

I am eternally sorry for not updating Time yet again. A rather close netfriend died, which made for an impromptu visit to Florida, and three fastest-passingest weeks of my life, and while I was there, camping out at the lair of the Shayde, now an even closer friend, we mostly set up the RPG boards and drooled over Sirius.

However! The boards are ready (even though they never will be ready enough), and I'm tackling chapter 18 this week, in between Christmas shopping (thankfully, this year the list has grown shorter than ever), nerdnerding over the boards, and working. It contains a lot of Dumbledore-bashing, which makes me happy, and it's generally an easy one to write.

On other counts, I am in a very Christmassy mood this year, and I'll attempt to write at least three more Marauder carols, and even finish your birthday fic, hopefully in time for the offering of the next one.

Oh yeah, before I forget: Let this be a statement that I, Canis, aka DND aka Double-Daisy Dandelion (don't ask), do pointedly, definitely, and absolutely NOT like Snape, unless he's being ridiculed by the Sirius or equivalent. However, snarky! unlikable! greasy! and, in short, Canon!Snape I do enjoy writing, and Potions and Snitches just so happens to be in dire need of such a fic, there's too much friendliness and companionship going on in that archive. Yep. Besides, there's this challenge that caught mine attention, and being in a writery mood prompted me to become member 500. Which is a nice, round number. Which shall be probably be soon a target for pyromaniac Snape fans, thus bringing tears of laughter to this little doggy.

I hope you are well, and... might I inquire about Always?


From: [identity profile]

Re: Squee!

I am indeed Brit-picking and I am a lucky, lucky, evilly lucky little hippogriff! She said that as her Beta has gone on a disappearing act that I'll probably be the first to see chapter 10. Now that is what you call lucky. She's going to try and wangle it so I get it for my birthday, as she's nice like that!

Well that shut me up. I'm sorry about the net-friend. Hope you're okay. *Carefully hugs*

Oh... Dumbledore bashing. Fun!

*Laughs* Speaking of birthdays, how was yours? You know, beside from the snuggling and drooling over Sirius. Get anything nice? Getting quite the old lady now! *Pokes, grins and hands over a badly wrapped box of toffee, chocolate and Baileys*

Just checking missy! Can't have you mooning over Snape... *Stops because of shudders of disgust means I can't type*

You may inquire about Always, I just won't say much about it. The unfinished version of chapter eight is here. I've forgotten if you read it. If you have, take a peak at 'Never Need To Know' which was the last thing I wrote.

~Missy Japs~

From: [identity profile]

Re: Squee!

You have the best luck ever! Now you're beta too? I'd say I'm insanely jealous, but I can't scrounge it up, except when I think of chapter 10 hitting your desktop before anyone else's. Aedalena couldn't have picked better though, do keep her writing!

I'm fine. It is strange, when someone you haven't even met in person but know well enough to call them close friends passes. I miss Brina like crazy, and now I met Shayde I miss her like crazy too. Thank the gods of Quidditch for instant messaging, and the fact that Florida is closer to my current location than anywhere else. This in turn got me in a strange, flist missing mood, and greatly influenced the whole "return to old haunts" bit. But enough of that, this isn't supposed to become a depressering post.

Yeppers, Dumbledore bashing, and Harry meeting the twins, and a bit of Weaslyness there in scene 3, or was it 5? It shall probably be a long chapter, to judge by the scene outlines, which alone are like 3 pages, and there shall be a little bit of Snape there too I think. And Rasmus... oho, I'm getting all excited now.

My birthday was ok, nothing special even if I *am* now old enough to marry, settle down, have a score of kids, and do what 'has to be done', according to the more traditionally-minded family members of mine. *shudder* Now there's a mental image I didn't need.

The Sirius droolage was a bonus, I must say, even if it happens... erm... every day? Hehe, I am hopeless. There is a character analysis I must post here, once I have finished it. Roleplay is actually good to get to know characters better, and there are several conclusions I have come to that might be interesting in regard to canon. Or maybe I am just obsessed? Hm, probably the latter.

My bestest present however, was a lovely black hoodie that says "I Solemnly Swear That I'm Up To No Good" on the front, and "Mischief Managed" on the back, from the goddess Shayde. The lettering is all glow-in-the-dark too! I love that thing, and I'm eternally happy for "winter", because that means I can wear it... all the time. Needs washing though. Any more wearing and it'll start walking around on its own.

Me, 'mooning over Snape'?! Neverrrrrr! I hate his innards with the passion of ten thousand suns shining with doubled fury on the back of a pillbug in the middle of the Sahara desert on a hot summer day. Particularly after hbp, chapter...2? The git had been playing host to Wormtail since OotP! This, in turn, is part of the rant I am carefully preparing, which in essence establishes that a) Dumbledore is -- er, was either an idiot or in league with Moldevort, and b) Snape is evil. It also establishes that c) Sirius is the most likable, hunkish, adorable character ever, but that is nothig we didn't know before.

Ohoho, I'm off to read the chapter 8 bit then, even if it's a reread I don't mind those either, and I take it Never Need to Know is at

*pops toffees in mouth* Many fankshes for the foodstuffs. Ye gods, do I miss the UK, especially around Christmas. The chocolates, the early sunsets and the yellow lighting when you're Xmas shopping... and the proper Christmassy mood everywhere. I should go next year, shouldn't I?


From: [identity profile]

Re: Squee!

No not betaing, Brit-picking is enough. Not that she needs me, I've picked up on what, three slip-ups so far! Thank you darling, and I shall try. Hopefully the next chapter shall be up this weekend or soon after it.

You're getting excited? I'm all excited too and I'm very much looking forward to it!

You're as only old as you feel. so that makes us what? Five or so at times!

Obsessed? Yeah that's about right. But there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with Sirius. I mean if it was Snape or someone then I would be worried. In fact if it's anyone but Padfoot then I would deem you a nutcase! *Pokes*

Aw wow your black hoodie sounds smashing. I want one!

*Giggles* It's so easy to wind you up. You rule all, okay?

"It also establishes that c) Sirius is the most likable, hunkish, adorable character ever, but that is nothig we didn't know before." Too right! You're making me look like a basketcase giggling this much at work but never mind.

Yup everythings there or here. Depends where you want to read it from.

You should be here next christmas, enjoying our weird and somewhat wonderful ways. The food is the best off course, but then I suppose I'm a tad biased.

Much glompses

From: [identity profile]

RPG 6year AU

I'm interested in this RPG of yours (No really, I am - stop twisting my arm, Jan!). I've noticed that the ghosts are free! Eh... that is, I would like to play one... or as many as you need played, even Peeves (who is, in fact, a poltergiest, but that's a moot point). There is quite a bit of manuevering room in them for character.

So, er... gosh, I'm not good at this, so I'll get to the point. I would like to play Moaning Myrtle (ghost, mid-to-early-teens at death, muggleborn, who dislikes Olive Hornby and being teased, and likes sneaking into the prefect's bath), the Grey Lady (Ravenclaw House's resident ghost, who apparently is a highly intellectual young lady and has never found true love - her standards are high!), and Peeves (poltergiest, pain in the neck, bane of Hogwarts, prankster, respects only Dumbledore, the Bloody Baron and maybe the Weasley Twins - did we mention he comes with the castle?)

...Got your conk! *cackles and runs off singing dirty limericks*

From: [identity profile]

Re: RPG 6year AU

Haha, welcome aboard!

Myrtle is taken, sorry to say, but the others are available. I'll trade you her for Nearly-Headless Nick if you like, but if not, go ahead and register. Make sure to PM Dumbledore so we can set you up, once you're registered!


From: [identity profile]

Re: RPG 6year AU

Ok. I'll give it a go! Jan's talking me through the registration... ^^; I am so confused...Great icon though! LOL. Reminds me of what I look like on Monday mornings...


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