Thats right, people.

I come from a long absence with more pimpages, but highly satisfactory ones.

1. Roleplay sites!

Or, what DND has been doing these past few months. The boards are as complete as we could think of, and believe me, roleplay is fun. We just finished the sites, and are now launching. Most canon characters are still available, email me or message me on yahoo for more details!

MWPP Era, open today!

6th year AU site, open today!

and... Future Hogwarts, playing in 2017, term starts January 3, but the site is open. I don't run this one, but it is linked to the other two in a way, so check it out!

2. Fanfiction archive:
You've heard of it before, but I have to repeat myself: Jan AQ's Potions and Snitches, where DND is the proud 500th member! Check out the challenges and WRRRITE!

3. Time of the Turning:
For some odd reason, I forgot to mention that I updated Time of the Turning. Journey to London, aka chapter 17 has been up for ages. Mine apologies.

SO! Go check these all out, or else face the wrath of the werepoodle with premoonal syndrome (PMS)!

DND the nerdy
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