So this is another "DND is back" post, here's to hoping this time it will last, people.

Thanks to Japs, as per usual, who's reminded me this thing does in fact, still exist. As for why I went AWOL... Well, it all started on a sunny day in, uh.. some month.

To be honest, there's been little news to post around, and I kept forgetting to update this here thing. Mine apologies.

In any case, I have returned... again, and I have a couple of new ficlets up at again, and uh... that's roughly it.

OH! Latest news is I'm studying filmmaking. Don't ask, I'm weird like that. And FINALLY English Literature. Will be a fun year, I bet.

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Cheers! It's strange being this old. I'll be taking up the House-style cane next, I'm sure. Now there's a thought...

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Hello honey bunch! Hope all is well and that you are ok and enjoying your day.

Good thing that nudging button does work, I missed you!

Fics... Where?! I haven't read your fics for ages and it's tragic as
you well know. Your writing is addictive!

Well I don't envy you on being educated but doesn't the film making
course require lots of watching movies in the classroom? Eh you'll have
fun in any case I'd think.

Much smuching and handing over of gifts,

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Many thanks, Japs. It's going okay, I just woke up which means the day's going pretty nicely so far. *Laaazy*

Fics, here! This here's a tiny one (, which will go into the angst realm... And this here's an angsty one-shot (

Film making does require lots of movie watching, which is part why I enrolled, but nobody said I'd have to watch all sorts of commercials while I was at it. According to this second year student, that's mostly the thing of it at first. Oddness, I tell you.

Thanks for the gifts and smoochings, have some for yourself *shares*



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