Yes, in the pursuit of getting rid of writer's block, giving me a sound kick in the rear writing-wise, and as a twisted birthday present, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year.

Which is odd, considering I still haven't finished rewriting my NaNo novel from two years ago. But it's as they say, time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a cantaloupe.

My problem isn't, surprisingly, an appealing storyline. It hit me just last night, and it's interesting enough... at least for this little hippogriff. My problem is managing to finish a story in 50,000 words. I can manage an output of 10,000 words on a particularly good day, so time isn't pressing either. However!!!

*does have artistic problems* I usually get carried away, end up writing eternal chapters, and end up with a fic that's roughly 300,000 words and only 1/4 done. If not less --for an example, take Time of the Turning, plsthnx. So, I'm trying to keep plotlines simple, and using some new narrative style. Here's to hoping I'll manage something decent, which will likely rub off on my writing hereafter. It would make Time updates so much more... existent.

To-do list (yeah, there is one)

->Bleed Black, post both pending parts before mid-month.

->Finish (and maybe, MAYBE post) the Time of the Turning version of Bleed Black, which is considerably longer but would be a one-shot either way

->NaNo project, aptly named Demons on the Hill. Dark stuff, here's to hoping I can squeeze it into something between 50,000 and 75,000 words. THERE'S a challenge. I'm way too long-winded, which might be where 90% of my writing problems come from.

->Who can forget that chapter of Time I have sitting in my computer since forever? I can't. Chapter 19 it is then.

Plus Film school. And work. And those computer courses I should really get cracking on. And real life, which won't leave us alone...

I'm determined, though. I have pudding. I have coffin nails, and more lighters than I could count. I just defragmented my laptop. This HAS to work out.

Had to get all that up somewhere.

Tinkerty-tonk, I'll get an icon thingy up when I get off my notes to copy the url thing.


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