Yes, I do still be alive.

After such a long absence from LJ and things, it feels odd but good to be back. I'd share what all has happened in the past Merlin-knows-how-many months, but I'd still be at this post in a week, end up discarding it, and that would unduly delay mine return to this here site.

Belated happy birthdays to y'all, happy Xmas and a merry new year.

At least I'm in time for the Chinese new year, so happy that one too.


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Hey honey long time no see!

Happy belated birthday to you too.

It's brilliant to see you. Or at least hear from you. Missed our DND!

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Hey, same to you! Missed you too and all that sappy stuff. How's adult life treating you?

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Sappy? Sappy! I live off sappy comments you realise!

Anyway, yeah I'm ok, had my holiday, turned 21 so very old and nearly grey. Nothing much exciting happens with me, though it has been absolutely ages since we spoke so maybe something fabulous happened and I've forgotten in the mist and murk of everyday life.

So how is you? You took Pads with you, you realise. You can imagine my dispair without you both. *Grabs and snuggles her Padfoo*

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*Lets you borrow the Pads* Though I'll have to stress we're very closely attached by now, *this* close to having puppies and all.

You being 21 is... sort of cute. *reminisces fondly* I sort of miss those days, yesh.

As for everyday life, the fact I'm scratching the surface of the big 30, which makes me even grayer and older and wrinklier and bloody ancient-er than you, I've been rushed for ages. Lit school and film school were demanding enough in their own right, then go adding work to it and I had all hands full for ages. Taking a break now though, until Fall semester, which isn't half bad, 'cept work is still butting in everywhere and keeping us busybusy, Precioussss.

All in all, it's been rather monotonous and dull, or misty and murky if you will. I do hope to get back to writing though. Let's see how that works out.

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Puppies? Puppies! This is just so unfair. You steal him away from me and then I'm told there could be puppies on the way. *Cries* But Pads doncha love me?

Cute? Hmph haven't been called that in a long while. Meh 21 is better than 30 but then 30 is better than 50 so all in all we are both winners.

*Snorts* Grey my foot. And if you have any wrinkles then they'd be laugh lines I suspect which as wrinkles go, are the best.

A break until autumn? Bloody hell woman that's cruel. Mind you, having work is busy enough without having to do homework in the bits in between, so I suppose I can sort of forgive you.Not too much though because time off is still time off!

Hey hang on. It's not maternity leave is it? Those better not be puppies I can hear whining. *Pouts*

Writing! DND writing is the best news I've heard all year! Hurray! *Squeezes*

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Maternity leave?! No way. Ye Gods, imagine me with kids! They cry and they poop, and they poop when they cry... Now imagine my kids... The extra crying, the extra poop.


It's just a break from the hectic school, to focus a bit more on rather more hectic! work. I miss it and everything, and film school being just a few blocks away certainly doesn't help, I s'pose. However! I do want to be able to juggle everything, and that calls for a revamp.

So I guess there's little time off as such, but I'm glad for the break either way. Less stress for sure. Otherwise I'd look 50 before I even reach 30. *sweatdrop*

Still, I've been invited to partake in two short films, which I suppose is a good thing. *misses school with all its yelling and cussing and crazy crowd...*

And yes, Pads does love you. He's adorable like that. *lets him have fun in ye olde UK for a while*

As for writing, I'm glad to be finally able to rub my braincells together again for Time. Here's to hoping the muse lasts long enough to give us a few more chapters at least, so don't cheer before the first one's out. *gulp*

Shall go check self for wrinkles now.

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HOLY CR... ::ahem:: sorry, I'm just really, really excited to see you back online! :D

Welcome back!

From: [identity profile]

Cheers, it's good to be back. I do vow not to forget all about LJ ever again. I hope. ;P


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