Yesh, I have decided to follow trends and start an LJ community for mine fan fiction and the such like, aptly named [ profile] dnd_fics. Didn't rack my brains for that one.

The link for it is over there *points* and I sincerely hope it shall soon host all fan fiction I've written over the years. Still in the works, though, I have yet to post on it and everything... Oh well.

What I do to keep from updating Time of the Turning.

On a brighter note, I have been working on it. Feverishly so, and not just because I have succumbed to the flu of doom. Runny nose= the muse is on call again. Or something of the sort.

In all honesty, I do hope to be able to provide a new chapter soon, and it'll be nice and long to make up for the lengthy absence from the fandom.

Had to share.

ETA: HAPPY V-DAY to all of you out there! *sapsapsap and hugs all around*


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