Figured I might as well post this one up, just to remind self what I'm doing, and share that Time chapter 20 is well underway, but as yet lacking a title. I hope --hope-- that I'll finish it this upcoming week and everything.

Chapter 20, then, consists of 11 scenes, which include the following:

--> Explanations and answers.
--> A trip to the backstory department.
--> Voldemort tantrums (maybe just the one, who knows).
--> Snape snark.
--> Attacks (that's plural, folks).
--> Weasleys.
--> Marauder cameos.
--> Hedwig.
--> Neville.
--> Neville's Gran.
--> Rasmus (without his Gran)
--> A Prophecy. Confusing as heck, but a prophecy nonetheless
--> I believe some chocolate is included as well.
--> Newspaper clippings
--> Letters, or cameos of letters.
--> Some snitching.
--> Lots of visual effects... Oh yeah, and goblins.

Anyhow, at an average 2000 words per scene, I'm estimating the new chapter will be around 22,000 words long, but it might be closer to 15,000. I'm hoping I can finish it before mid-week, which means it would be up... whenever it's out of the beta. Perhaps next weekend, who knows. *doesn't want to make any promises*
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