Hello all,

Seems like updating this thing gets harder every time-- even though every one of my browsers has a blog editor, and I even got one for the smartphone-- but updating requires at least five minutes of peace, which I just got... Now.

Business is very good this month, and looking busy for the next few as well. I nailed a screenplay translation, with very good prospects for a future business relationship, as well as four large-scale events to be interpreted and organised in the next handful of months. The first congress is due in two weeks, and I'm in charge of pretty much everything, from subtitling the vids to training the other translators, which in turn cuts my writing time-- and inspiration-- rather short.


Chapter 20 is finished! Yes, it is. I'm just rereading it today and tomorrow, and sending it to my adored Beta [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar *running tackleglomp* on Tuesday at the latest, and I'll post it up at ff.net whenever it's out of the beta.

On another note, I'm closing the Yahoo!group, as it's never really been active, and I keep getting soandsomany emails a day saying people are leaving it-- I'll post updates to Time here, and there are so many other ways of keeping track of a fic anyway.

In other news, I'm back in film school... Starting next week or so. All my cinematography buddies got together for a weekend course as none of us has time for the regular coursework, and we've got three solid short film projects-- all of which shall be produced on random weekends. Yes, it cuts my spare time even shorter, but! It keeps my brain from leaking out my ears, and I miss it so much.

Lit school starts over in August, so I suppose it's a good start to going back to the routine of school and everything. I hope it doesn't mess with Time updates as badly as it did in the past, and to manage a chapter every month or every other month at least.

Well, that's all from me at the moment, I'll get back to work, and I hope everyone on the flist is very much okay.


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