At last.

Flist, the congress that's been keeping me busy as heck is finally, blissfully over! Who'd have known homosexuality and everything surrounding it was so interesting? I didn't, that's for sure, and even though for the translating and interpreting work I had to read 345654 gazillion books and research papers and presentations and such, it wasn't until I saw those involved with the issue live that I got the message fully. Boy, am I glad I don't have any sort of confusion as to my gender.

Everyone was happy with my job, and I got this bag of deeeelicious toffees from one of the shrinks at the congress, and after we went to get chinese food, as an introduction to our return to our regular lives.

Have lost my voice after interpreting nonstop, over 8 hours a day for 4 days straight, and have also started catching up on my film watching, though I might end up watching every House epi I've missed in the past 3 months. I'm happily outlining chapter 21 of Time and two horror shorts I need to hand in. And I don't intend to leave my bed today. So far, so good.



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I am glad you survived it all sweets.

Bank holiday for me tomorrow, so I'm going to take a leaf from your book and spend me day all relaxed and lounging about.

*Snuggles and hands pralines over*


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