Merry Christmas everyone!

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Happy Christmas sweetie, hope that you have a lovely day today and get lots of pressies.

*Cuddles and shares her birthday chocolate again*

We aren't allowed to open our presents until after dinner! Old 80 years olds do have spoil the fun sometimes!

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*tackleglomps and shares Xmas pudding* This year's is pretty decent, eh... I'm surprised at my cooking skills.

*snicker* 80 year olds do have a way of getting their way with whatever they happen to think about, but! By the time you get this, I'm sure you'll have opened all your pressies and rolled in them, so -- go you!

I didn't get any presents this year, but not for lack of offerings -- I just couldn't think of anything I needed or wanted, so I kind of did without, though I did get self like 20 flicks I wanted to watch, and House season 4, Prison Break season one, and a bunch of dvds to burn Merlin on. *squees*

It's a good day today, even if Mexico City is on Summer-temp setting, making one wonder where the Winter went this year -- took time off, probably. It's quiet here -- 28 days later kind of quiet -- and that is so strange for a city of this magnitude. I'm going to foray into the outer world and have a gander at it without people, it's probably going to be an interesting experience.

That said, I hope you're having a smashing time and that the wintry weather is appropriate for the season over there. Have some Cadbury Flake on my account, enjoy your time with your loved ones, and be generally happy.

*Xmas hugs and toasts your health*



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