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2009-12-03 12:45 pm
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2009-06-16 11:40 pm

What got into me to get a RED room?

And an indigo one, and a blue one?

Or rather (as the indigo room is actually pretty damn cool), what got into me to paint them by myself?

Call me Van DND, I am currently painting my red room. It's almost midnight, I'm living in a furniture-deprived, HUGE flat, broke and happy. Or would be, if the arrival of the furniture I'm pointedly lacking hadn't been postponed (again) by the mother of me.

Shouldn't complain, though, as I'm getting most of hers. She wants to refurbish her flat. I am a lucky sod.

Only, painting lost its appeal around this time... Two days ago. Wish me luck, I'll post pics once the thing looks somewhat decent.
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2009-06-02 11:24 am
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Moving... Again

This might seem out of the blue, and it is! But I be moving out of my shared flat and to the second floor, to one almost identical to this one-- except there's no flatmate here to speak of.

I am very happy about this change, as a. the flatmate is a right slob and nothing a DND has done has counted for buggerall to keep things, if not in the clean realm, then at least in the tidy one; b. the said flatmate HATES dogs. Which I didn't know or realise, even if I moved in with a ruddy 10-year-old LAB, whom she seemed to like quite well. The word on the streets though is, she hatehateloathes dogs. Oh well. c. I'm tired of having to go through the everyday routine of listening to her jabber on about work and all the things she hates about her job all livelong night. It's unfair to me as it puts me off doing my nightly stuffs, and has become rather redundant. And lastly, but certainly not least! d. the flatmate behaves like we're an old married couple or something, and! she steals my food. Which in turn I don't usually mind, unless it's your ice-cold Guinness she's nicking, which she then proceeds to replace with local, cheap-arsed beer. Not. Cool.

Those be the reasons for mine move. Two floors up, as I said, to a flat that is as big as the one I'm sharing, only without the weird divisions. I shall endeavour to share pics of the current flat thingy, then move on to sharing pics of the OTHER flat thingy, which is sunnier, and more expensive maybe, but I'll have no problems with however many pets I get, or! however many people come over to call.

I just hope my UK trip won't be cut even shorter over it... I have to pay 2 months in advance plus current rent. The only thing I'll miss of my current flat is the coffee machine and the patio.

Did I mention I'm happy?
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2009-05-18 05:32 pm

Rolling around in this new shiny blog

Thanks to Japonica, I'm here! And that makes me insanely happy, even though it will mean moving my bulk of fics to their new home -- 'course, new times, new journals, will hopefully also mean new muse with a hyperactive streak a mile wide.

So, this is to say hello to you all! Especially Japs, as she's my only friend on here at the moment, but she's also also my beta-reader, one who's been sorely neglected since I sent her Runaway in February. That, I hope, will change before the week is through.

Going to figure out what all I can get done on here,

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2009-01-01 12:58 pm
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Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone in my dear Flist a happy start to 2009, and aside from ye olde wishes for joy, health, loads of cash, and all that stuff that's the standard well-wishing for every year, I wish you all that this new year be filled with adventure, laughter, and that you all try something new, live life to the fullest and give yourselves the chances to do those things you've always dreamed of doing but have never gotten around to. That your projects, resolutions, and so forth will take a good shape this year.

I know I will try and get a lot of things done -- which is the best thing any of us can do any day.

Even though most of you I've never met and probably never will, and some of you I've only met online, I'd like to tell you you've been an important part of my life over the past few years, and even if I might not know you directly, I wish you all the best for this new cycle that's starting.

Love, hugs, chocolate, and lots of accomplishments to you all,

-*- DND
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2008-12-24 07:29 pm

Happy Xmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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2008-12-06 09:46 pm
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Xmas Spirits are Haunting Me.

I have forgotten to do this, but!

I finally did remember.

If anyone in my dear flist would like a Christmas card from me, all you need to do is reply to this post with your mailing address. I reckon I'm still in time to reach any corner of the world.

And I was bored, so I gakked this from [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda, one of them bold whatever you've done already memes. 100 things meme )
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2008-11-28 01:19 am
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Happy Thanksgiving

To all ye Americans in the flist: Happy Thanksgiving and gorging yourselves on the good traditional foods you have!

*goes back to writing*
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2008-11-25 01:37 pm
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*Victory dance Numero Three*


72,632 so far. On chapter 11, and I think I might have developed a twitch...


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2008-10-31 08:03 am

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

And say hello to a day filled with ghosties, nasties, black cats in dark, dank alleyways -- horror flicks, and whatnot.

Do enjoy yourself, dear flist!
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2008-10-28 07:07 pm

As a general rule, don't solve puzzles that open portals to Hell.

Sage advice, that.

Not to mention-- You guys, it's COLD! Finally, it's proper Fall weather, overcast, rainy, frozen, and windy, which is the cheery-upper for a DND. Yes, Mexico City is brass monkeys out, and that means!

Fave black coat time, along with fave boots and fave gloves. And yes, fave hat too, why not.

I shall roll around in the cold, and happily embrace the freezing tendrils of ... frozenness. And have some ice cream while I'm at it.

In other news, aside from not opening portals to Hell of late, I have a new conundrum to work out: what would I rather learn, drums or guitar? It's important as I have to go purchase the said instrument, and I'm torn. A guitar you can carry along wherever, after all, but... drums are the absolute cat's whiskers. Hum.

In other other news, probably less interesting but still news-y, I have just put the finishing touches to my plan for a rather unusual Samhain ceremony this Friday, and outlined the Nov. 1st and Nov. 2 (day of the living and day of the dead) ritual things as well, for work. Loaded weekend, but I get to use gunpowder to blow things up and I got me a real proper cauldron and stuff (from a voodoo practicioner o.O!), so it's not going to be half bad, as far as entertaining self goes. Never thought a DNDish ritual thing would be accepted by the oh-so-conservative centre, but it was. *evil cackle* They should never have taught me anything to do with special effects at film school.

And there's a costume party across the street from the said centre, so I can nip in there right after the Halloween ritual thing (to milk the costume, of course) and get snockered.

All I need is to edit some music tracks to add in creepy sounds for the guided meditation and practice my evil insane cackle of doom and I'll be ready. Muwaha.
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2008-09-17 12:35 am

Rather than doers, we're choosers. Or so they say.

Choice. What an interesting little word. )

In other news.

There's this thing going on -- no idea what it's called but it's probably called something different in every country anyhow.

Bottom line of the deal is, at 21:50 on Sept. 17, everyone is urged to switch their lights off for ten minutes. Worldwide.


Ten minutes, that's 600 full seconds without the lights on. Just to give the world a bit of a breather, see if we can have a display of solidarity on the whole planet, diminish fossil fuel consumption by a million barrels or two.

Would be wicked, but will it happen? Can we endure 10 minutes without the lights on?

I won't be anywhere indoors then, so I am safe, but -- it's supposed to happen at 21:50 in Mexico City. You could convert to your time zone, if you want to join in. Like Lennon said, imagine all the people and yadayada.

Personally, I'd like to see the stars again. If only for a little while.
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2008-09-06 10:08 am

Looks like I wasn't as free as I thought...

Well, at least I'm back... yet again, and once more astounded by the sheer length of time that's passed since I last updated this here page.

Changes since then have been many, I'm hosting a radio show several times a week, teaching, and as the Weasley Twins would say, business is booming. Booming and banging and crashing most plans, but things are still in the works.

What else?

Writing-wise, I'm still active, even if it doesn't seem that way. Time is still on, as are 7 other novel projects, and three screenplays-- and yes, I am working on them all, though it looks a bit daunting, written down just like that. I hope, without promising anything concrete, to finish Time before a year is through. You know better than me how I suck at my own deadlines.

Maybe a bit pretentious, considering workload and study schedules, but-- I am going to give it a go. The story won't be as long as I originally planned, but instead, it's getting a sequel, aptly named The Turning of the Time. Three guesses what it's about, and no-- it's not time-travel centric, even though it could be. Who knows, I might throw a time-turner in.

As for the other stories, they're all original fiction, all in the fantasy realm, and the screenplays... Well, one is getting filmed by yours truly, hopefully around Fall next year at the latest-- I need a cold, derelict setting for it-- and two more are in the works, one being a horror-fantasy-thriller film with lots of weird stuff, the other one is a more classic horror thingy, but it's still in its early stages. Getting a taste for gory stuff here.

And lastly, mum got herself a puppy.

I got self a new lappy. Netbook, actually, which is SOSOSOSOCOOL! Got it on Monday, and if that isn't a good start to a month, I don't know what is.

That's it from me for the moment, cheerio!

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2008-05-04 08:56 am

I Am Freeeee

At last.

Flist, the congress that's been keeping me busy as heck is finally, blissfully over! Who'd have known homosexuality and everything surrounding it was so interesting? I didn't, that's for sure, and even though for the translating and interpreting work I had to read 345654 gazillion books and research papers and presentations and such, it wasn't until I saw those involved with the issue live that I got the message fully. Boy, am I glad I don't have any sort of confusion as to my gender.

Everyone was happy with my job, and I got this bag of deeeelicious toffees from one of the shrinks at the congress, and after we went to get chinese food, as an introduction to our return to our regular lives.

Have lost my voice after interpreting nonstop, over 8 hours a day for 4 days straight, and have also started catching up on my film watching, though I might end up watching every House epi I've missed in the past 3 months. I'm happily outlining chapter 21 of Time and two horror shorts I need to hand in. And I don't intend to leave my bed today. So far, so good.


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2008-04-20 04:13 pm

Time of the Turning Update

Finally, I say FINALLY, ff.net has decided to play nice and let me upload chapter 20, Causality Part Two: Casting the Dice.

Linky: Right here.


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2008-04-20 01:09 am

Don't we all love automated responses?

First off, I wish to thank [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar yet again for her timely and spot-on beta-reading. We should all bow to her and make her gifts of chocolate.

That's the only good news today, I fear... I keep getting this:

FanFiction.Net Error
An exception error has occurred while processing your request.

Please email this error message to support@fanfiction.net.

All errors are logged for administrative and security purposes.

This is what I call Sod's Law applying the Supreme Sodpremacy.

So... No update today-- Let's hope it's cleared up by morning.

In other news, I sprained my ankle and knee today.

Talk about being productive.
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2008-04-13 06:17 pm

Time of the Turning Update

Hello all,

Seems like updating this thing gets harder every time-- even though every one of my browsers has a blog editor, and I even got one for the smartphone-- but updating requires at least five minutes of peace, which I just got... Now.

Business is very good this month, and looking busy for the next few as well. I nailed a screenplay translation, with very good prospects for a future business relationship, as well as four large-scale events to be interpreted and organised in the next handful of months. The first congress is due in two weeks, and I'm in charge of pretty much everything, from subtitling the vids to training the other translators, which in turn cuts my writing time-- and inspiration-- rather short.


Chapter 20 is finished! Yes, it is. I'm just rereading it today and tomorrow, and sending it to my adored Beta [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar *running tackleglomp* on Tuesday at the latest, and I'll post it up at ff.net whenever it's out of the beta.

On another note, I'm closing the Yahoo!group, as it's never really been active, and I keep getting soandsomany emails a day saying people are leaving it-- I'll post updates to Time here, and there are so many other ways of keeping track of a fic anyway.

In other news, I'm back in film school... Starting next week or so. All my cinematography buddies got together for a weekend course as none of us has time for the regular coursework, and we've got three solid short film projects-- all of which shall be produced on random weekends. Yes, it cuts my spare time even shorter, but! It keeps my brain from leaking out my ears, and I miss it so much.

Lit school starts over in August, so I suppose it's a good start to going back to the routine of school and everything. I hope it doesn't mess with Time updates as badly as it did in the past, and to manage a chapter every month or every other month at least.

Well, that's all from me at the moment, I'll get back to work, and I hope everyone on the flist is very much okay.
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2008-03-02 12:33 am

Time of the Turning Status Update

Figured I might as well post this one up, just to remind self what I'm doing, and share that Time chapter 20 is well underway, but as yet lacking a title. I hope --hope-- that I'll finish it this upcoming week and everything.

Chapter 20, then, consists of 11 scenes, which include the following:

--> Explanations and answers.
--> A trip to the backstory department.
--> Voldemort tantrums (maybe just the one, who knows).
--> Snape snark.
--> Attacks (that's plural, folks).
--> Weasleys.
--> Marauder cameos.
--> Hedwig.
--> Neville.
--> Neville's Gran.
--> Rasmus (without his Gran)
--> A Prophecy. Confusing as heck, but a prophecy nonetheless
--> I believe some chocolate is included as well.
--> Newspaper clippings
--> Letters, or cameos of letters.
--> Some snitching.
--> Lots of visual effects... Oh yeah, and goblins.

Anyhow, at an average 2000 words per scene, I'm estimating the new chapter will be around 22,000 words long, but it might be closer to 15,000. I'm hoping I can finish it before mid-week, which means it would be up... whenever it's out of the beta. Perhaps next weekend, who knows. *doesn't want to make any promises*
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2008-02-23 02:06 am

Time of the Turning Update

Finally, after much battling ff.net, I can announce that chapter 19 of Time is up.

Clicky for chappie

I didn't beta it; I just couldn't wait to get it up at last.

At a smashing 22,385 words, it's easily the longest yet. Consider it a small token for taking so long to update, though I don't believe it's the best I've written. I'll let you decide.

The chapter will be up @LJ sometime this weekend; I have yet to post the other chapters to the community [livejournal.com profile] dnd_fics, so for a few days, it'll just be up at ff.net.

~A very accomplished DND