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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:24 am)
This might seem out of the blue, and it is! But I be moving out of my shared flat and to the second floor, to one almost identical to this one-- except there's no flatmate here to speak of.

I am very happy about this change, as a. the flatmate is a right slob and nothing a DND has done has counted for buggerall to keep things, if not in the clean realm, then at least in the tidy one; b. the said flatmate HATES dogs. Which I didn't know or realise, even if I moved in with a ruddy 10-year-old LAB, whom she seemed to like quite well. The word on the streets though is, she hatehateloathes dogs. Oh well. c. I'm tired of having to go through the everyday routine of listening to her jabber on about work and all the things she hates about her job all livelong night. It's unfair to me as it puts me off doing my nightly stuffs, and has become rather redundant. And lastly, but certainly not least! d. the flatmate behaves like we're an old married couple or something, and! she steals my food. Which in turn I don't usually mind, unless it's your ice-cold Guinness she's nicking, which she then proceeds to replace with local, cheap-arsed beer. Not. Cool.

Those be the reasons for mine move. Two floors up, as I said, to a flat that is as big as the one I'm sharing, only without the weird divisions. I shall endeavour to share pics of the current flat thingy, then move on to sharing pics of the OTHER flat thingy, which is sunnier, and more expensive maybe, but I'll have no problems with however many pets I get, or! however many people come over to call.

I just hope my UK trip won't be cut even shorter over it... I have to pay 2 months in advance plus current rent. The only thing I'll miss of my current flat is the coffee machine and the patio.

Did I mention I'm happy?


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