Sage advice, that.

Not to mention-- You guys, it's COLD! Finally, it's proper Fall weather, overcast, rainy, frozen, and windy, which is the cheery-upper for a DND. Yes, Mexico City is brass monkeys out, and that means!

Fave black coat time, along with fave boots and fave gloves. And yes, fave hat too, why not.

I shall roll around in the cold, and happily embrace the freezing tendrils of ... frozenness. And have some ice cream while I'm at it.

In other news, aside from not opening portals to Hell of late, I have a new conundrum to work out: what would I rather learn, drums or guitar? It's important as I have to go purchase the said instrument, and I'm torn. A guitar you can carry along wherever, after all, but... drums are the absolute cat's whiskers. Hum.

In other other news, probably less interesting but still news-y, I have just put the finishing touches to my plan for a rather unusual Samhain ceremony this Friday, and outlined the Nov. 1st and Nov. 2 (day of the living and day of the dead) ritual things as well, for work. Loaded weekend, but I get to use gunpowder to blow things up and I got me a real proper cauldron and stuff (from a voodoo practicioner o.O!), so it's not going to be half bad, as far as entertaining self goes. Never thought a DNDish ritual thing would be accepted by the oh-so-conservative centre, but it was. *evil cackle* They should never have taught me anything to do with special effects at film school.

And there's a costume party across the street from the said centre, so I can nip in there right after the Halloween ritual thing (to milk the costume, of course) and get snockered.

All I need is to edit some music tracks to add in creepy sounds for the guided meditation and practice my evil insane cackle of doom and I'll be ready. Muwaha.
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