Go! Click it!
And an indigo one, and a blue one?

Or rather (as the indigo room is actually pretty damn cool), what got into me to paint them by myself?

Call me Van DND, I am currently painting my red room. It's almost midnight, I'm living in a furniture-deprived, HUGE flat, broke and happy. Or would be, if the arrival of the furniture I'm pointedly lacking hadn't been postponed (again) by the mother of me.

Shouldn't complain, though, as I'm getting most of hers. She wants to refurbish her flat. I am a lucky sod.

Only, painting lost its appeal around this time... Two days ago. Wish me luck, I'll post pics once the thing looks somewhat decent.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:24 am)
This might seem out of the blue, and it is! But I be moving out of my shared flat and to the second floor, to one almost identical to this one-- except there's no flatmate here to speak of.

I am very happy about this change, as a. the flatmate is a right slob and nothing a DND has done has counted for buggerall to keep things, if not in the clean realm, then at least in the tidy one; b. the said flatmate HATES dogs. Which I didn't know or realise, even if I moved in with a ruddy 10-year-old LAB, whom she seemed to like quite well. The word on the streets though is, she hatehateloathes dogs. Oh well. c. I'm tired of having to go through the everyday routine of listening to her jabber on about work and all the things she hates about her job all livelong night. It's unfair to me as it puts me off doing my nightly stuffs, and has become rather redundant. And lastly, but certainly not least! d. the flatmate behaves like we're an old married couple or something, and! she steals my food. Which in turn I don't usually mind, unless it's your ice-cold Guinness she's nicking, which she then proceeds to replace with local, cheap-arsed beer. Not. Cool.

Those be the reasons for mine move. Two floors up, as I said, to a flat that is as big as the one I'm sharing, only without the weird divisions. I shall endeavour to share pics of the current flat thingy, then move on to sharing pics of the OTHER flat thingy, which is sunnier, and more expensive maybe, but I'll have no problems with however many pets I get, or! however many people come over to call.

I just hope my UK trip won't be cut even shorter over it... I have to pay 2 months in advance plus current rent. The only thing I'll miss of my current flat is the coffee machine and the patio.

Did I mention I'm happy?
Thanks to Japonica, I'm here! And that makes me insanely happy, even though it will mean moving my bulk of fics to their new home -- 'course, new times, new journals, will hopefully also mean new muse with a hyperactive streak a mile wide.

So, this is to say hello to you all! Especially Japs, as she's my only friend on here at the moment, but she's also also my beta-reader, one who's been sorely neglected since I sent her Runaway in February. That, I hope, will change before the week is through.

Going to figure out what all I can get done on here,

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( Jan. 1st, 2009 12:58 pm)
I wanted to wish everyone in my dear Flist a happy start to 2009, and aside from ye olde wishes for joy, health, loads of cash, and all that stuff that's the standard well-wishing for every year, I wish you all that this new year be filled with adventure, laughter, and that you all try something new, live life to the fullest and give yourselves the chances to do those things you've always dreamed of doing but have never gotten around to. That your projects, resolutions, and so forth will take a good shape this year.

I know I will try and get a lot of things done -- which is the best thing any of us can do any day.

Even though most of you I've never met and probably never will, and some of you I've only met online, I'd like to tell you you've been an important part of my life over the past few years, and even if I might not know you directly, I wish you all the best for this new cycle that's starting.

Love, hugs, chocolate, and lots of accomplishments to you all,

-*- DND
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( Dec. 24th, 2008 07:29 pm)
Merry Christmas everyone!
I have forgotten to do this, but!

I finally did remember.

If anyone in my dear flist would like a Christmas card from me, all you need to do is reply to this post with your mailing address. I reckon I'm still in time to reach any corner of the world.

And I was bored, so I gakked this from [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda, one of them bold whatever you've done already memes. 100 things meme )
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( Nov. 28th, 2008 01:19 am)
To all ye Americans in the flist: Happy Thanksgiving and gorging yourselves on the good traditional foods you have!

*goes back to writing*

72,632 so far. On chapter 11, and I think I might have developed a twitch...


And say hello to a day filled with ghosties, nasties, black cats in dark, dank alleyways -- horror flicks, and whatnot.

Do enjoy yourself, dear flist!
Sage advice, that.

Not to mention-- You guys, it's COLD! Finally, it's proper Fall weather, overcast, rainy, frozen, and windy, which is the cheery-upper for a DND. Yes, Mexico City is brass monkeys out, and that means!

Fave black coat time, along with fave boots and fave gloves. And yes, fave hat too, why not.

I shall roll around in the cold, and happily embrace the freezing tendrils of ... frozenness. And have some ice cream while I'm at it.

In other news, aside from not opening portals to Hell of late, I have a new conundrum to work out: what would I rather learn, drums or guitar? It's important as I have to go purchase the said instrument, and I'm torn. A guitar you can carry along wherever, after all, but... drums are the absolute cat's whiskers. Hum.

In other other news, probably less interesting but still news-y, I have just put the finishing touches to my plan for a rather unusual Samhain ceremony this Friday, and outlined the Nov. 1st and Nov. 2 (day of the living and day of the dead) ritual things as well, for work. Loaded weekend, but I get to use gunpowder to blow things up and I got me a real proper cauldron and stuff (from a voodoo practicioner o.O!), so it's not going to be half bad, as far as entertaining self goes. Never thought a DNDish ritual thing would be accepted by the oh-so-conservative centre, but it was. *evil cackle* They should never have taught me anything to do with special effects at film school.

And there's a costume party across the street from the said centre, so I can nip in there right after the Halloween ritual thing (to milk the costume, of course) and get snockered.

All I need is to edit some music tracks to add in creepy sounds for the guided meditation and practice my evil insane cackle of doom and I'll be ready. Muwaha.
Choice. What an interesting little word. )

In other news.

There's this thing going on -- no idea what it's called but it's probably called something different in every country anyhow.

Bottom line of the deal is, at 21:50 on Sept. 17, everyone is urged to switch their lights off for ten minutes. Worldwide.


Ten minutes, that's 600 full seconds without the lights on. Just to give the world a bit of a breather, see if we can have a display of solidarity on the whole planet, diminish fossil fuel consumption by a million barrels or two.

Would be wicked, but will it happen? Can we endure 10 minutes without the lights on?

I won't be anywhere indoors then, so I am safe, but -- it's supposed to happen at 21:50 in Mexico City. You could convert to your time zone, if you want to join in. Like Lennon said, imagine all the people and yadayada.

Personally, I'd like to see the stars again. If only for a little while.
Well, at least I'm back... yet again, and once more astounded by the sheer length of time that's passed since I last updated this here page.

Changes since then have been many, I'm hosting a radio show several times a week, teaching, and as the Weasley Twins would say, business is booming. Booming and banging and crashing most plans, but things are still in the works.

What else?

Writing-wise, I'm still active, even if it doesn't seem that way. Time is still on, as are 7 other novel projects, and three screenplays-- and yes, I am working on them all, though it looks a bit daunting, written down just like that. I hope, without promising anything concrete, to finish Time before a year is through. You know better than me how I suck at my own deadlines.

Maybe a bit pretentious, considering workload and study schedules, but-- I am going to give it a go. The story won't be as long as I originally planned, but instead, it's getting a sequel, aptly named The Turning of the Time. Three guesses what it's about, and no-- it's not time-travel centric, even though it could be. Who knows, I might throw a time-turner in.

As for the other stories, they're all original fiction, all in the fantasy realm, and the screenplays... Well, one is getting filmed by yours truly, hopefully around Fall next year at the latest-- I need a cold, derelict setting for it-- and two more are in the works, one being a horror-fantasy-thriller film with lots of weird stuff, the other one is a more classic horror thingy, but it's still in its early stages. Getting a taste for gory stuff here.

And lastly, mum got herself a puppy.

I got self a new lappy. Netbook, actually, which is SOSOSOSOCOOL! Got it on Monday, and if that isn't a good start to a month, I don't know what is.

That's it from me for the moment, cheerio!

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( May. 4th, 2008 08:56 am)
At last.

Flist, the congress that's been keeping me busy as heck is finally, blissfully over! Who'd have known homosexuality and everything surrounding it was so interesting? I didn't, that's for sure, and even though for the translating and interpreting work I had to read 345654 gazillion books and research papers and presentations and such, it wasn't until I saw those involved with the issue live that I got the message fully. Boy, am I glad I don't have any sort of confusion as to my gender.

Everyone was happy with my job, and I got this bag of deeeelicious toffees from one of the shrinks at the congress, and after we went to get chinese food, as an introduction to our return to our regular lives.

Have lost my voice after interpreting nonstop, over 8 hours a day for 4 days straight, and have also started catching up on my film watching, though I might end up watching every House epi I've missed in the past 3 months. I'm happily outlining chapter 21 of Time and two horror shorts I need to hand in. And I don't intend to leave my bed today. So far, so good.


Finally, I say FINALLY, ff.net has decided to play nice and let me upload chapter 20, Causality Part Two: Casting the Dice.

Linky: Right here.


First off, I wish to thank [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar yet again for her timely and spot-on beta-reading. We should all bow to her and make her gifts of chocolate.

That's the only good news today, I fear... I keep getting this:

FanFiction.Net Error
An exception error has occurred while processing your request.

Please email this error message to support@fanfiction.net.

All errors are logged for administrative and security purposes.

This is what I call Sod's Law applying the Supreme Sodpremacy.

So... No update today-- Let's hope it's cleared up by morning.

In other news, I sprained my ankle and knee today.

Talk about being productive.
Hello all,

Seems like updating this thing gets harder every time-- even though every one of my browsers has a blog editor, and I even got one for the smartphone-- but updating requires at least five minutes of peace, which I just got... Now.

Business is very good this month, and looking busy for the next few as well. I nailed a screenplay translation, with very good prospects for a future business relationship, as well as four large-scale events to be interpreted and organised in the next handful of months. The first congress is due in two weeks, and I'm in charge of pretty much everything, from subtitling the vids to training the other translators, which in turn cuts my writing time-- and inspiration-- rather short.


Chapter 20 is finished! Yes, it is. I'm just rereading it today and tomorrow, and sending it to my adored Beta [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar *running tackleglomp* on Tuesday at the latest, and I'll post it up at ff.net whenever it's out of the beta.

On another note, I'm closing the Yahoo!group, as it's never really been active, and I keep getting soandsomany emails a day saying people are leaving it-- I'll post updates to Time here, and there are so many other ways of keeping track of a fic anyway.

In other news, I'm back in film school... Starting next week or so. All my cinematography buddies got together for a weekend course as none of us has time for the regular coursework, and we've got three solid short film projects-- all of which shall be produced on random weekends. Yes, it cuts my spare time even shorter, but! It keeps my brain from leaking out my ears, and I miss it so much.

Lit school starts over in August, so I suppose it's a good start to going back to the routine of school and everything. I hope it doesn't mess with Time updates as badly as it did in the past, and to manage a chapter every month or every other month at least.

Well, that's all from me at the moment, I'll get back to work, and I hope everyone on the flist is very much okay.
Figured I might as well post this one up, just to remind self what I'm doing, and share that Time chapter 20 is well underway, but as yet lacking a title. I hope --hope-- that I'll finish it this upcoming week and everything.

Chapter 20, then, consists of 11 scenes, which include the following:

--> Explanations and answers.
--> A trip to the backstory department.
--> Voldemort tantrums (maybe just the one, who knows).
--> Snape snark.
--> Attacks (that's plural, folks).
--> Weasleys.
--> Marauder cameos.
--> Hedwig.
--> Neville.
--> Neville's Gran.
--> Rasmus (without his Gran)
--> A Prophecy. Confusing as heck, but a prophecy nonetheless
--> I believe some chocolate is included as well.
--> Newspaper clippings
--> Letters, or cameos of letters.
--> Some snitching.
--> Lots of visual effects... Oh yeah, and goblins.

Anyhow, at an average 2000 words per scene, I'm estimating the new chapter will be around 22,000 words long, but it might be closer to 15,000. I'm hoping I can finish it before mid-week, which means it would be up... whenever it's out of the beta. Perhaps next weekend, who knows. *doesn't want to make any promises*
Finally, after much battling ff.net, I can announce that chapter 19 of Time is up.

Clicky for chappie

I didn't beta it; I just couldn't wait to get it up at last.

At a smashing 22,385 words, it's easily the longest yet. Consider it a small token for taking so long to update, though I don't believe it's the best I've written. I'll let you decide.

The chapter will be up @LJ sometime this weekend; I have yet to post the other chapters to the community [livejournal.com profile] dnd_fics, so for a few days, it'll just be up at ff.net.

~A very accomplished DND
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 05:56 pm)
Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] ignescent

Meme )
Yesh, I have decided to follow trends and start an LJ community for mine fan fiction and the such like, aptly named [livejournal.com profile] dnd_fics. Didn't rack my brains for that one.

The link for it is over there *points* and I sincerely hope it shall soon host all fan fiction I've written over the years. Still in the works, though, I have yet to post on it and everything... Oh well.

What I do to keep from updating Time of the Turning.

On a brighter note, I have been working on it. Feverishly so, and not just because I have succumbed to the flu of doom. Runny nose= the muse is on call again. Or something of the sort.

In all honesty, I do hope to be able to provide a new chapter soon, and it'll be nice and long to make up for the lengthy absence from the fandom.

Had to share.

ETA: HAPPY V-DAY to all of you out there! *sapsapsap and hugs all around*
I've finished reading Time of the Turning-- had to remind self where I left off and all that-- and couldn't help but notice the last update date was... 5-22-06. That's...May, right? Almost two years ago?

All I have to say to that is EEEP!

Didn't feel that long. I now feel properly ashamed. And ANCIENT.

And chapter 19 is over half written, whatever did get me to abandon it, I wonder? Aside from chronic writer's block. Hum.

Good news is, I'm writing on it. Now. If only to finish that fic at long last, because it's giving me nightmares. Creepy ones.

Wherein the Time characters were complaining about not having anything new to do and conspiring to do me in and then proceeding to chase a DND around some obscure haunted manor, the little rotten bastards. All I can say about that dream is that I thought the location would have been killer for a horror short, which I have, conversely, managed to write a first draft for before breakfast.

Wish that house were real. Glad the Time characters aren't, though.

Shall have my revenge either way.
Yes, I do still be alive.

After such a long absence from LJ and things, it feels odd but good to be back. I'd share what all has happened in the past Merlin-knows-how-many months, but I'd still be at this post in a week, end up discarding it, and that would unduly delay mine return to this here site.

Belated happy birthdays to y'all, happy Xmas and a merry new year.

At least I'm in time for the Chinese new year, so happy that one too.

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( Nov. 3rd, 2006 10:16 pm)
Yes, in the pursuit of getting rid of writer's block, giving me a sound kick in the rear writing-wise, and as a twisted birthday present, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year.

Which is odd, considering I still haven't finished rewriting my NaNo novel from two years ago. But it's as they say, time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a cantaloupe.

My problem isn't, surprisingly, an appealing storyline. It hit me just last night, and it's interesting enough... at least for this little hippogriff. My problem is managing to finish a story in 50,000 words. I can manage an output of 10,000 words on a particularly good day, so time isn't pressing either. However!!!

*does have artistic problems* I usually get carried away, end up writing eternal chapters, and end up with a fic that's roughly 300,000 words and only 1/4 done. If not less --for an example, take Time of the Turning, plsthnx. So, I'm trying to keep plotlines simple, and using some new narrative style. Here's to hoping I'll manage something decent, which will likely rub off on my writing hereafter. It would make Time updates so much more... existent.

To-do list (yeah, there is one)

->Bleed Black, post both pending parts before mid-month.

->Finish (and maybe, MAYBE post) the Time of the Turning version of Bleed Black, which is considerably longer but would be a one-shot either way

->NaNo project, aptly named Demons on the Hill. Dark stuff, here's to hoping I can squeeze it into something between 50,000 and 75,000 words. THERE'S a challenge. I'm way too long-winded, which might be where 90% of my writing problems come from.

->Who can forget that chapter of Time I have sitting in my computer since forever? I can't. Chapter 19 it is then.

Plus Film school. And work. And those computer courses I should really get cracking on. And real life, which won't leave us alone...

I'm determined, though. I have pudding. I have coffin nails, and more lighters than I could count. I just defragmented my laptop. This HAS to work out.

Had to get all that up somewhere.

Tinkerty-tonk, I'll get an icon thingy up when I get off my notes to copy the url thing.
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( Nov. 1st, 2006 10:43 pm)
So this is another "DND is back" post, here's to hoping this time it will last, people.

Thanks to Japs, as per usual, who's reminded me this thing does in fact, still exist. As for why I went AWOL... Well, it all started on a sunny day in, uh.. some month.

To be honest, there's been little news to post around, and I kept forgetting to update this here thing. Mine apologies.

In any case, I have returned... again, and I have a couple of new ficlets up at ff.net... again, and uh... that's roughly it.

OH! Latest news is I'm studying filmmaking. Don't ask, I'm weird like that. And FINALLY English Literature. Will be a fun year, I bet.
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( May. 23rd, 2006 09:51 pm)
Just a meme thingy I gakked from [livejournal.com profile] hermionegreen *snicker* and it took me a while to grasp on to the new ways of the code copy ventures at quizilla. Which probably means I'm not that much of a geek. I should be proud of self.

On other counts, I've been juggling. Nice way to acquire a zen-like mind state, drool and all. You don't even have to sit still for it!

Gakkings galore... )
...Or, conversely, limit yourselves to cussing me out for not being around since *gasp* last year.

However! I've returned, and come bearing gifts.

A gift.

Chapter 18 of Time is up. For those of you who might not remember what it's all about, my condolences, but I can't really blame you. For those of you who do remember what it's about... I would like to register my astonishment in that regard.

Anyhow, without further ado, I give you Chapter 18. Maybe not quite enough for a spectacular return after such a prolonged absence, but what have you.

I'd also like to add that I appear to be a wal-nut, as per quiz thingy aka meme below, which I gakked from...[livejournal.com profile] hermionegreen, who in turn gakked it from [livejournal.com profile] wishweaver, who probably got it trolling over the net. Or something of the sort.

You Are A Walnut Tree

You are strange and full of contrasts... the oddball of your group.

You are unrelenting and you have unlimited ambition.

Not always liked but always admired, you are more infamous than famous.

You are aggressive and spontaneous, and your reactions are often unexpected.

A jealous and passionate person, you are difficult in romantic relationships.

Thats right, people.

I come from a long absence with more pimpages, but highly satisfactory ones.

1. Roleplay sites!

Or, what DND has been doing these past few months. The boards are as complete as we could think of, and believe me, roleplay is fun. We just finished the sites, and are now launching. Most canon characters are still available, email me or message me on yahoo for more details!

MWPP Era, open today!

6th year AU site, open today!

and... Future Hogwarts, playing in 2017, term starts January 3, but the site is open. I don't run this one, but it is linked to the other two in a way, so check it out!

2. Fanfiction archive:
You've heard of it before, but I have to repeat myself: Jan AQ's Potions and Snitches, where DND is the proud 500th member! Check out the challenges and WRRRITE!

3. Time of the Turning:
For some odd reason, I forgot to mention that I updated Time of the Turning. Journey to London, aka chapter 17 has been up for ages. Mine apologies.

SO! Go check these all out, or else face the wrath of the werepoodle with premoonal syndrome (PMS)!

DND the nerdy
Hello, ye merry hippogriffs (and assorted magical creatures)!

After what's been like forever, I at last updated Time of the Turning.

Drill, for those of you who might be as rusty as I am: Go read The State of Things, leave a scrumptious review, make my week!

Also, seeing as HPF hasn't really yielded the results we hoped for *kicks* I've uploaded the fic again at ff.net, which is where I'm linking to. I'll carry on posting at HPF though, but not exclusively anymore. You can only endure that dark green background for so long...

Anyhow, the rest of my fics will be up at ff.net shortly, seeing as I'm taking a few days off work to fix just that.

Big hugses and glompses to everyone in my friends list! I am horrible, and I eternally sowwy for not updating this LJ in ages.

~DND the terrible, who is still alive
Well, I have finally a part-time net connection, no kids to distract me, and I shook my family off at last. Which are all things that have kept me from posting for the last few weeks. It's been madness, especially if people arrange your schedule according to what they want and not what you want, but meh.

So!!! Ye merrye hippogriffs and assorted magical creatures!

I come to you all with a MWPP site pimpage this time.

It plays in the Marauder Era, starting fifth year at Hogwarts. Come join, meet other characters, have hours of healthy fun!

Okay, so that sounded like a random ad for haemorroid cream or something equally appealing. For those of you who have participated in online roleplay before, this one is no different from other sites except for the layout, which is as true to Canon as can be achieved without getting too confusing and remaining user-friendly. Classes promise to be hilarious, Hagrid will be busy smuggling weird creatures into the grounds, and the Slug Club will be in session as well. Mary-Sues will be burnt at the stake without the grace of a Flame-Freezing Charm, however, so choose your character wisely!

The castle and grounds (even Hogsmeade) have been recreated as closely as wizardly possible in a forum format, HBP spoilers are permitted, the creation and development of obscure canon characters is encouraged, original characters with a solid backstory are welcome with open arms, and since it is a new site, almost anything goes, so long as it doesn't clash overmuch with Canon as we know it from the books... which in turn gives us an ample range to do as we wish.

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm on about, this form of roleplay could be equated to writing a fic along with loads of other people. You are a certain character, and the story flows through interaction with other characters and things happening all over the place.

The Marauders created the site, which means they're taken. However, there are tons of other characters up for grabs. Teaching positions are open as well, contact Santa Clause's evil anorexic twin for details.

The site opens officially on September First, but you can start enrolling now!

So, on to features:

- Weekly Prophet: To know what's going on at Hogwarts and the rest of the Wizarding World and remain well informed.

- Common Rooms are indeed hidden and password-protected.

- Canon Squad so we're not inundated (nifty word, this) with Part-Veelas and Voldemort's siblings or more werewolves than can be accepted.

- Attention to detail: If it's not there but it should be, it will be added!

- Classes should be fun, and on here, they are!

- Slug Club: Who has read HBP, knows what this is all about...right?

- Marauders who are true to canon: Nuff said.

So, without further gilding the lily, and without further ado... Clickity click here to check it out!

Padawan Jan!! A canon Snivelly is sorely wanted, and after reading your fics, well... *bats eyelashes*

DND, who is on strike and refuses to join into extreme socialising today
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( Jul. 13th, 2005 10:52 am)
Hello merrye hippogriffs, assorted magical creatures, muggles and members of the free peoples on this earth, middle earth or whichever planet you were kicked out from.

I had intended to write a very detailed, random series of entries on here about my current trip, but they have become, like so many before them, mere drafts stuck in my LJ post-drafting program, and every day there's more and more stuff happening, so that the old stuff is suddenly old, even if it happened just a couple of days ago.

I never claimed being good at any of the following:

1. Quitting smoking

2. Notifying people of my whereabouts and/or plans

3. Actually sticking to the above-mentioned plans

5. Keeping a ruddy journal/diary/travel log

6. Quitting procrastination

7. Being... whatever it is that's the contrary of random. The proper word for this state of mind will be greatly appreciated and the person to come up with it duly worshipped until the end of days.

You have been warned.

Read, point and laugh, commiserate, defriend at will.

DND's foray into the outer world )
Back from the other side of the killer curtain, folks...

I come bearing no fic updates, but a fair number of... dun da dun da dun... Quizzes!

Clicky me! )
Lookit, it's alive!

I'm not dead or anything, ye merrye hippogriffs. I was merely AWOL. Am sort of back now, but my time is much reduced, because work has picked up its pace, and I am no longer broke. Which is a good thing, for sure. But I also have very little time to write, which is bad for my sanity and general good mood.


Owing to a series of recent events, I have decided to move all my fanfiction from ff.net and Fiction Alley to Harrypotterfandom.com, a relatively new site with not only loads of potential, but also great quality.

In what was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing, I decided to take my stuff off the web and post it up there. In what has become a thought-out action, I shall do so. The Yahoo! Group will continue to host the backup files for my fics, but I'll no longer post in either FA or ff.net. I have had no falling-out with FA or ff.net, nor have I ever had major issues with either site. If anything, it is a token of trust. Harrypotterfandom.com will hold my fics, won't delete them, or delete my reviews or anything, ever, without notice or even consent.

Since Aspen's AYLNO was taken down, many fanwriters have been on the lookout for new sites to host their fics. I ask you to visit the site, to post your fics there, to read and review, and ultimately, to promote it. It is sites like these that need the support of the fandom, because we are so many it is difficult to keep track of everything.

So: Join the forums, play in the RPG, post up your fanart, and help support this site until the end of your natural lives. Or else.

I shall leave the chapters up at ff.net and FictionAlley until everything is up and running at HPF, but then it goes down. Chapter 16 of Time of the Turning onwards shall be found only at Harrypotterfandom.com, and since I'll be busy moving stuff around and, while I'm at it, revising the uploaded chapters, it might take as long as one week before everything is set.

Notices of new chapters will continue through the group, as well as through here. I shall leave a permanent link in both my FA and ff.net profiles.


Harrypotterfanfiction.com is a site that engages in dirty, backstabbing practices. I have taken down my fics from there, as of two or three hours ago.

The creator of Harrypotterfandom.com, looneylupin, was not only wronged, but her fics were deleted all of a sudden from Harrypotterfanfiction.com, a few hours ago, in what has to be the lowest blow that can be dealt to a fanwriter. She had no notice, she had no backups of her files, and this is only an example of the blatant lack of respect this site has for fanwriters everywhere. Why they did that? Because they believe HPF is a threat to them. So in a childish display of their power, they retaliated by deleting her fics. 12 of them, some multi-chaptered.

Ye Gods. How more fucking immature can you get??!

A piece of fan fiction, such as a statue, a painting, or a piece of music, is the result of often months or even years of continued work, and no matter whether it is a cookie or a novel-length fic, it deserves respect. THe author deserves respect, and if we as authors post our work on a site, we expect at least, for the fic not to be lost, much less deleted without either our consent or notice. MUCH LESS as a way of petty revenge just because the author has got a site that is growing.

So yes, this is a HUGE Fuck You to Harrypotterfanfiction.com, may they learn that they're not doing us a bloody favour by letting us post on their site, but that the fact that they exist, it is because we exist. And guys, they did really piss me off. I would have a stroke if my fics were deleted like that. And I do have backups.

I know that many (if not most) of my readers do so in ff.net. I am well aware that it would be, perhaps, more convenient to just post my fics additionally in Harrypotterfandom.com. But trust me, this is something that has to be done.

If you are a fanwriter, you will perhaps understand much better what I am trying to say.

If you're a fanwriter in search of one more site to hold your fics, here is a new place to go. If you're a fanwriter at hpff.com, then I suggest you take your fics out of there, pronto. If you're an avid reader of Harry Potter fanfiction, then here's a spanking new place for you to check out. And if you're a fan of Time of the Turning, then I ask you to read it at this new site in the near future.


If anyone has by chance read looneylupin's work, and by even greater chance actually downloaded it and saved it onto their computers, please leave a comment or email me directly. Especially Harry Potter and The Mysteries of the Heart.


ETA: The Short-Short Version:

Haha, ok. In my defence all I can say is I hadn't slept in two days when I posted that.

The gist of it is this: Harrypotterfanfiction.com (HPFF) are a bunch of wankers. I already removed my fics from there.

Harrypotterfandom (HPF) is the site I am moving all my fics to.

looneylupin is the HPF site owner and HPFF deleted her fics just like so.

This pissed me off to no end, so in support of looneylupin, I'm moving out of FA and FF.net and into HPF.

I'll continue doing stuff the way I do, only linking to a different site.

This will probably mean less reviews, but I hope it might mean more people joining the site.

I shall continue to pimp HPF anyway.

Yes, I was sober when I made that decision.

As in, in the past four months?

Last thing I knew was she was about to post a chapter of Nullifier (true gem of fan fiction, but this is beside the point) and busy with a time-travel paper, if I remember correctly. I've emailed her (just now. I am horrible, I know), but still. Has anyone heard of her?

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( Apr. 19th, 2005 11:48 am)
So, finally got my magical splint of typiness, which is not as hideous as I'd thought it would be. --> I'm happy.

AND IT WORKS! OMG! It actually works. -->I'm really happy. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The pain is gone, and I'm back on track, even if I look like a cast reject of the LotR archers. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The guy who made it was the same guy who used to make all splints and supports for my grandad back in the day when the dinosaurs roamed the lands, his name is (mysteriously) not Metuselah, Image hosted by Photobucket.comand he still has most of his teeth.
Anyway, the pain is gone and that's what counts. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's more where that came from... )
So today has been a good day.

Even better since Japs nominated Time for the Merlin Awards (see post below for pimpage), which is cool.

DND Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The icons used here aren't mine (except the doggie one), and due credit shall be given to the makers. Only I don't know who they are. Because I got these over the years. At least I'm using my own bandwidth for all images in this post... Snatch if you want them, and get beck to me if you know whodunit.

...and yes, I have too much time on my hands at the moment. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Rosie made this one, right?) *headdesks self*
The Merlin Award

We all read Fan Fiction, and we all have favourite fics, but we're not all Nifflers, and don't necessarily qualify or aspire to be one either, nevertheless, we do rec our favourite fics.

So why not elect YOUR favourite fic(s)?!

You could win anything from a year of paid Lj to Amazon gift vouchers. They're nice people to talk to, and voting is starting some time next week. So come join in!

Nominations and whatnot to be found here

[livejournal.com profile] japonicastar nominated Time of the Turning. Go vote, ye merry hippogriffs!

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( Apr. 15th, 2005 05:35 pm)
Qwizzage )
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( Apr. 14th, 2005 07:50 pm)
Okay. For those Time fans amongst you, chapter 15 is up at ff.net, and has been submitted to FictionAlley, but you know how it is with FA.

You know the drill: Be happy, go read Hyperaware, review, make me happy!


So I'm not good at moping, apparently. I'll settle for something else, any suggestions?
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( Apr. 7th, 2005 12:05 am)
Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] deppistsavvy

who're you meme thing )
Hello, ye merry hippogriffs (and assorted magical creatures)!

After one week's worth of torture, during which I've been rushed off my widdle footses, I've managed to update Time of the Turning.

Go read Oscillating, leave a scrumptious review, ask questions here and/or at the yahoo group. Be happy, too: chapter 15 is currently undergoing the dreaded edition process-- as in, it's ready! Well, I finished writing it, at least. However, I am ebil and shall let you all stew for a whole week before it's up. Plenty of time for you to review and share your views as to how much Rasmus rocks.

DND the rushed FUTURE GODMOTHER! who promises due spammage and full tale of her adventures with the kiddies in her next post.



And who has no dsl this week, which means less time online than ever before. *bawls and pummels modem*
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( Mar. 12th, 2005 02:06 am)
Quizzes  )

This is just Hilarious!
Have a good laugh
Yes, I gots fanart by MJ, for Time of the Turning!

My first ever, and it's really good! I mean, look at Harry's expression! Look at the blood splatters! Look... just look!

The scene: The much-beloved Sirius Cameo over in chappie four, when he shows up out of the blue and tells Harry how to get past the wards... Is it just me, or does it feel like a lifetime has passed since then?

Is it teh coolness or what? And my name's on it! *squees most uncharacteristically*

Plus MJ promised MORE!!! A scene of "Harry & His Amazing Troupe of Flying Ponies", as she called it *chuckles*
And a C O M I C! Because, and I quote,
"I'm tellin' you, I RARELY get off my ass to draw fanart for other people's fanfiction (the redundancy hurts my brain), but your shit's CRAZY visual."

DND who is presently over the moon.
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( Mar. 1st, 2005 06:36 pm)
gakked from [livejournal.com profile] japonicastarwho gakked from [livejournal.com profile] deppistsavvywho dug it up somewhere:

1. Ok, what's my name?
2. Where am I from?
3. When is my birthday?
4. My eyes are...
5. How tall am I?
6. I'm from a family of how many siblings?
7. Name three things I hate.
8. Name three things I love.
9. What's my #1 pet peeve?
10. Do I have any pets?
11. Name one fear I have.
12. Name one wish I have.
13. Who do I have a celebrity crush on?
14. Name one thing that makes me cry.
15. Name one thing that makes me smile.

And this is gakked from [livejournal.com profile] japonicastarwho gakked it from [livejournal.com profile] ruxi, who created it:

If you're reading this, then regardless whether you're actually a friend of this LJ, plain passerby, or just someone who's popped by for unknown reasons -- consider yourself invited to participate.

I'd like you all to reply to this post with a paragraph(s?)/fragment of your work, fanfic, original, no matter. It doesn't even have to pertain to a fandom I'm involved in, so long as you think it is in some way representative of your style. In exchange, I promise to tell you truthfully what I think of your writing in that particular fragment.

And lastly, this which I gakked from... dun da dun da dun... [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar

Take the quiz: "What does your birth month reveal about you?"

Has lots of extraordinary ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinkforward. Unique. brilliant. Sharp thinking. Fine, strong clairvoyance. make good doctors. Dynamic. Secretive. Inquisitive. Know how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative. amiable. Brave. generous. Patient. Stubborn. hardhearted. Determined. Never quit. Hardly become angry unless provoked. Love to be alone. Think differently. Sharp-minded. Motivate self. Dont appreciate praises. Highspirited. Well-built, tough. Deep love, emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest. Keepsecrets. Cant control emotions. Unpredictable.

Hmm... interesting.
Once more, and greatly thanks to the support and candy from both [livejournal.com profile] japonicastar and to [livejournal.com profile] jan_aq, who did a spiffing job of giving yours truly an ego-boost, I have completed another chapter.

So, ye merry hippogriffs, Chapter 13 is up at ff.net, and has been submitted to FictionAlley.

You know the drill: Be happy,go read A Sort of Homecoming, splutter incongruously at the confusion reigning there, review, make me happy!


ETA: WHY is Japs'username coming out with a strikethrough???? *pummels computer*

ETA of the ETA: Japs' name still coming with strikethrough. *bawls*

ETA cubed - Japs'name is free of blemish! Yay!

Reason for celebration:

Time has reached 500 reviews at ff.net! WAHOOOEY!

DND, who feels very, VERY happee.
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( Feb. 21st, 2005 09:18 pm)
It had to come some time.

I love reviews. I'm a sucker for reviews. You could say they're the next best thing since self-stirring cauldrons (guess where that quote is from and get a cookie). They make my day, be it a simple "Great chapter" or "Boy, that sucked!" I know that oftentimes, people don't have the time or inclination to review a story, and even two words can make your day. It means that someone out there has read your work and taken the time to drop you a line.

Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you'll get a long, well-rounded review that points out what you did well, or gives you some constructive criticism as to how you could improve. Those are jewels amongst reviews, and whoever has gotten so much as one should be glad that someone has taken more than a minute to think out their ideas and share them with the author. Feedback helps us improve our writing, and often that makes the difference between a badfic and a goodfic. Call it reverse beta-reading. I know I do.

And when you actually find that people discuss your work... whoa! It gets near impossible to wipe the happy grin off your face, doesn't it?

Flames... well, flames burn up pretty quick, if you catch my drift. They sting sometimes, but they're usually short-lived. Or I've been lucky to get an overwhelming majority of positive feedback that makes these little fires die before they turn everything to ashes.

I am well aware of the many different writing styles out there, and that some people will not like your writing, for whatever reason. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right? I am not a fan of romance, for instance. Yet I have found a few fantastic fics that are romance-centric. And I've liked them, reviewed, and moved on. Sometimes, I will even love a fic that could be better written, but has a plot that more than makes up for the typos. I still review, focusing on the content, and giving my advice as to typos. Not everyone is a native speaker of whatever language you're reading at the moment. I don't really like ships, but there are a fair few hilarious fics out there that are ship-centric. I still read them... but I would never dream of telling the author what to write or how.

However... There's a type of reviews that goes something like:

I really like your story but it sucks. Your main character A should do this instead of that, run into B and have ten little bunnies, before he dumps her for C and then goes on a killing spree against D and screams at B for being an insensitive idiot... Can't wait for the next chapter.

Did they like it or not? If they didn't, why read up to chapter 43 to tell you off? Why not write their own fic, seeing as they already have an entire plot drawn out as to what the author should write and they seem to know so much better where the storyline should be going.

Pretty confusing, isn't it? Or as Fred would say, what a waste of parchment.

Well, I happen to have received such a review a few days ago, for chapter 12 of Time. It does call for some answers, although I cannot provide them all.

Laura, I hope you read this, because you didn't even give me an email to send you my response to:

Not that I don't like this story, don't get me wrong. I love it but when's the main point in this plot going to be revealed?
This whole Azkaban trip has now lasted too many chapters not to be repetitive. Harry seems to be running and running and running. Thinking with his feet. It's just getting a tad too much without any clear plot or direction involved. Where will it all lead?
Is Azkaban going to be the main plot in this story or will it simply be one more action packed adventure more? If so, what'll happen then. It suddenly seems so empty. Will harry just run all through his summer and then begin his 6th year? Will he somehow become a lord of Azkaban in this trip and foil Voldemort's plans and achieve more independency from Dumbledore? Or will he face Voldemort here and duel, either ending it all or returning back as a hero? Will Harry... *sighs* How long time span will this story include? The summer? How many chapters are there to come? Do you yourself know the plot or is this going where it feels like to?

Well, she's basically asking me to tell her the whole story beforehand so she can make up her mind if it's worth reading or not. I don't get it.

So here goes:
I love it but when's the main point in this plot going to be revealed? - I'm glad you love it. The main plot is, as with any Harry Potter fic, Mr. Potter vs. Voldemort. Hardly original, I know, but there you are.

This whole Azkaban trip has now lasted too many chapters not to be repetitive. Harry seems to be running and running and running. Thinking with his feet. - Well, he is fifteen, you realise. If he didn't run from this, he'd just be stupid. Or maybe you would enjoy a Super!Harry fic more? 'Cause, you know, Time of the Turning isn't one. Go read RossWrock's PoT, or Joe's SotH and be happy. They're excellent fics, by the way.
As for the repetitiveness, well, I could say the same of the books. Hey, JK, Harry's been at Hogwarts every book, and he's still pitted against Voldemort, it's getting old...

It's just getting a tad too much without any clear plot or direction involved. Where will it all lead? - to the unmasking of the plot. Which is there, has been, since chapter one. It's all in the title. Although it also has to do with a certain Mr. Riddle, a prophecy, a manipulative old coot or two, and a Mr. Potter, a pack of Messrs. Weasley, a couple of OC's, and any and all Canon information I've gotten my dinghy little claws on.

Is Azkaban going to be the main plot in this story or will it simply be one more action packed adventure more? - Azkaban has just been revealed as being Voldemort's headquarters. You tell me if it's going to be important to the fic.

If so, what'll happen then. - Telling you that would render finishing the fic a tad useless, don't you agree?

It suddenly seems so empty. - Azkaban? No, Azkaban is chuck full at the moment! It's Inverarray that's empty...

Will harry just run all through his summer and then begin his 6th year?- Harry will run and fight and twist his little heroic self into knots as the story requires. He will have no choice in a few parts, but the rest will be his own doing. As for beginning his sixth year, well, school usually starts September 1st. We're currently at 23:45, July 21. Over a month to go.

Will he somehow become a lord of Azkaban in this trip and foil Voldemort's plans and achieve more independency from Dumbledore? *blinks* Huh?

Or will he face Voldemort here and duel, either ending it all or returning back as a hero? - I repeat: Huh?

Will Harry... *sighs* - Are you letting me choose from these two plots? How kind of you. I think I'll go with the... erm... *ponders* maybe the lord of Azkaban one? Ooh, maybe the ending it all one? I'm torn between options.

How long time span will this story include? It's a sixth year fic. It says so there, in the summary-thingie. Right before the warnings mentioning OCs, the lack of shipping and that this is an AU...

The summer? Hey, I'm aware the summer's getting rather long here, but it's how the fic goes.

How many chapters are there to come? In my steadily growing, but currently 637-page-long manuscript, we're around chapter 6. In reality, 12 chapters are up. My manuscript covers 32 chapters, but some have not been developed. So, at least 32, but in reality probably over 40 chapters.

Do you yourself know the plot or is this going where it feels like to? - Oh, I know perfectly well where this is going. I know what each of the main characters are doing at every moment of the fic, even if it's not mentioned. In fact, the storyline alone is over 18 feet long, and growing. There are six separate storylines all rolled into one package, Death Eater OCs (with background), good-guy OCs (with an even more comprehensive background), a backstory department that covers every important moment since 1971 (when the Marauders started at Hogwarts) and going on until Harry's seventh year, 32 pages worth of spells, maps, lists of items in this fic, copies of QTTA and FB with loads of side-notes, two bags of Chocolate Frogs and three crates of Butterbeer. With all this back-up information, I am quite certain I can say I have no idea where this fic is going, thank you ever so very much.

*pants* Well, I feel loads better now. I don't mean to be bitchy, folks, but nobody is holding a wand to your head and forcing you to read. Or review, for that matter. If I don't like a fic, I do not review. Hell, if I don't like a fic, I stop reading and carry on with my life.

Time is currently at 101,194 words, and not even one-third done. If you like it, good. If you don't like it, don't read and be happy.

Okay Merry Hippogriffs, the twelfth chapter of Time of the Turning is currently up at ff.net.

So, you know the drill: Be happy, read The Fear Disease (all 13,451 words of it), scream in outrage at the cliffhanger, review, make my day.

Alternately, just read and don't review... and be subjected to the Curse of the Eunuch. *smirkle*

DND the exhausted.

ETA: It's up at Schnoogle as well now! The Fear Disease-- Schnoogle
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( Feb. 7th, 2005 05:58 pm)
I've got the flu. AGAIN.

Mental note: Close the window next to the headboard of my bed and leave only the balcony open. Or something.

I went skiing yesterday, but the stupid road was all snowed in and the cutestest policeman ever to walk the earth convinced me not to go. Dar. Well, at least I built an igloo and had a decent snow-fight, stupid flu be damned.

Now it's worse. Hopefully this means bedrest and solitude for finishing the mountain of fics I have yet to finish.

Quizzilla attack!  )

And the 63 things meme, too! )


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