Finally, I say FINALLY, has decided to play nice and let me upload chapter 20, Causality Part Two: Casting the Dice.

Linky: Right here.


First off, I wish to thank [ profile] japonicastar yet again for her timely and spot-on beta-reading. We should all bow to her and make her gifts of chocolate.

That's the only good news today, I fear... I keep getting this:

FanFiction.Net Error
An exception error has occurred while processing your request.

Please email this error message to

All errors are logged for administrative and security purposes.

This is what I call Sod's Law applying the Supreme Sodpremacy.

So... No update today-- Let's hope it's cleared up by morning.

In other news, I sprained my ankle and knee today.

Talk about being productive.
Figured I might as well post this one up, just to remind self what I'm doing, and share that Time chapter 20 is well underway, but as yet lacking a title. I hope --hope-- that I'll finish it this upcoming week and everything.

Chapter 20, then, consists of 11 scenes, which include the following:

--> Explanations and answers.
--> A trip to the backstory department.
--> Voldemort tantrums (maybe just the one, who knows).
--> Snape snark.
--> Attacks (that's plural, folks).
--> Weasleys.
--> Marauder cameos.
--> Hedwig.
--> Neville.
--> Neville's Gran.
--> Rasmus (without his Gran)
--> A Prophecy. Confusing as heck, but a prophecy nonetheless
--> I believe some chocolate is included as well.
--> Newspaper clippings
--> Letters, or cameos of letters.
--> Some snitching.
--> Lots of visual effects... Oh yeah, and goblins.

Anyhow, at an average 2000 words per scene, I'm estimating the new chapter will be around 22,000 words long, but it might be closer to 15,000. I'm hoping I can finish it before mid-week, which means it would be up... whenever it's out of the beta. Perhaps next weekend, who knows. *doesn't want to make any promises*
Finally, after much battling, I can announce that chapter 19 of Time is up.

Clicky for chappie

I didn't beta it; I just couldn't wait to get it up at last.

At a smashing 22,385 words, it's easily the longest yet. Consider it a small token for taking so long to update, though I don't believe it's the best I've written. I'll let you decide.

The chapter will be up @LJ sometime this weekend; I have yet to post the other chapters to the community [ profile] dnd_fics, so for a few days, it'll just be up at

~A very accomplished DND


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