Choice. What an interesting little word. )

In other news.

There's this thing going on -- no idea what it's called but it's probably called something different in every country anyhow.

Bottom line of the deal is, at 21:50 on Sept. 17, everyone is urged to switch their lights off for ten minutes. Worldwide.


Ten minutes, that's 600 full seconds without the lights on. Just to give the world a bit of a breather, see if we can have a display of solidarity on the whole planet, diminish fossil fuel consumption by a million barrels or two.

Would be wicked, but will it happen? Can we endure 10 minutes without the lights on?

I won't be anywhere indoors then, so I am safe, but -- it's supposed to happen at 21:50 in Mexico City. You could convert to your time zone, if you want to join in. Like Lennon said, imagine all the people and yadayada.

Personally, I'd like to see the stars again. If only for a little while.


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